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When you're facing insolvency, turn to us at The Law Offices of David K. Blazek, P.C. to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As your dedicated bankruptcy attorney, Attorney Blazek relies on more than two decades of experience to help you with the bankruptcy process. Bankruptcy is a complex code; finding an attorney you can trust can make all the difference. If you live in Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, or anywhere else in Florida, get in touch with us. We also serve Atlanta, Macon, and Columbus, Georgia, as well as clients nationwide through virtual appointments. Schedule a consultation with The Law Offices of David K. Blazek, P.C. in Tampa, FL as soon as possible.

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With his years of experience, his background in finance, and his commitment to each individual client, Attorney Blazek is able to help you through the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing process. We're committed to helping you make sound decisions about the future of your company, whether that involves Chapter 11 or a different route altogether.Gavel, pen, and paper that reads "Petition to file for bankruptcy"

It's important to understand your options before moving forward with bankruptcy, especially Chapter 11 bankruptcy. There are a variety of corporate entities that can file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, including:

  • Corporations

  • Partnerships

  • Limited Liability Companies

If you're ready to take a step forward toward financial freedom, call us at The Law Offices of David K. Blazek, P.C. in Tampa, FL now to schedule an appointment. Our aim is to listen to your story, educate you on your options, and give you the tools you need to make the right choice for your company. We work directly with you and your business to seek lasting solutions, no matter where you are located.