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The Rights & Limitations of Creditors

If you have incurred a debt, the creditor has a right to repayment of the debt, including any interest or fees specified in the debt contract. If you fail to repay the debt, creditors or the collection agencies they hire in their stead have the right to contact you about the debt. To protect you, however, they also have limitations to what they can do in the debt-collection process.

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Common Bankruptcy Myths

Major life events, such as a job loss or medical emergency, can sideline you from settling debts, paying bills, or meeting your other financial obligations. When going through a difficult financial situation, filing for bankruptcy is among the promising options to help you achieve debt relief or get the financial fresh start you deserve.

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Which Chapter of Bankruptcy Is Right for Me?

Life happens. A sudden job loss or medical emergency can easily lead to a huge burden of debt. When experiencing financial hardship, filing for bankruptcy may be among the possible options to achieve debt relief.

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Steps to Take to Prepare for Bankruptcy

When life throws unexpected expenses at you, your financial situation can spin out of control. Before you realize it, you’re avoiding calls from collections agencies and debating which bill to pay first. You’re probably wondering how you got there and what to do next.

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